International Day of Yoga, 21 June 2019

Bulletin No: 2019.31 - Saturday, 1 June 2019

Dear sisters and brothers,

We are all Connected - Nature.Heartfulness.Yoga
International Day of Yoga, 21 June 2019


The theme proposed by the U.N. for Yoga Day 2019 is Climate Action. In tune with this theme, Shri Ram Chandra Mission and Heartfulness Institute, in collaboration with the UN, will celebrate the International Day of Yoga 2019 celebrations with the slogan, 'We Are All Connected –'.

The Heartfulness Institute is very happy to join hands with the Ministry of AYUSH and the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga of AYUSH to inspire everyone to practice Yoga. The letter of partnership can be found here.

Program Outline: Heartfulness Celebrations for IDY

On Friday, 21 June 2019, Shri Ram Chandra Mission and Heartfulness Institute, through regional coordinators and volunteers, will reach out to local communities and citizens. This could be through:

  • participating in the events organized by the Indian Consulate in your respective cities and countries;
  • sharing an event space and time with others organizations celebrating International Day of Yoga;
  • reaching out to local communities, the Indian community, Associations, Temples and any other interest partners;
  • inviting local Yoga teachers and Yoga studios, and their students, to be part of your event and share their passion for Yoga; and
  • inviting the local community to experience Heartfulness Meditation in your local Centers or Heartspots.

Suggested Program:

(NB) You are welcome to modify this program as per your requirements.

  • Offer Yoga sessions conducted by our own certified Heartfulness Yoga Teachers or by partnering with other certified Yoga teachers, celebrities etc. Please follow the common Yoga protocol available here;
  • Offer a Heartfulness Workshop including: Welcome, Placebo Meditation, Relaxation, Heartfulness Meditation with Transmission, followed by an invitation to try Heartfulness for the next few days;
  • Offer guests the opportunity to participate in a Green Action, such as planting a tree, gardening, avoiding disposables & plastics for the week, recycling rubbish etc.;
  • Provide newcomers with information on Heartfulness services, such as 90 Days of Heartfulness, Webinars, Heartfulness Magazine, Kanha, and more.
  • Collect the contact information of interested newcomers in order to send them further information on follow up Meditation sessions;
  • Arrange follow up Meditation sessions for the following weekend & by appointment with local trainers. For those who cannot attend, introduce them to the HeartsApp;
  • Invite all participants to try 90 Days of Heartfulness. The UN's International Day of Peace is 90 Days away and there will be another great celebration on that day. Encourage sign-up at;
  • Ensure that the contact information of the local Heartfulness trainers and coordinators contact is shared with all newcomers;
  • Enter your local event details at for worldwide distribution; and
  • A full day major program will be held at Kanha, details of which will be sent out separately.

Following the Event

Send your high resolution images to, noting the date, venue, and details of the event in the email.

OR you can also upload the images and information here. Simply create a folder for your City and State/Province in the Country/Region folder, and upload your content accordingly.

Social Media immersion:

  • Support and share the content from the official pages;
  • In the posts related to the celebration in your centers, please include the hashtags #AYUSH #weareallconnected #natureheartfulnessyoga #Heartfulness #IDY2019 #yogaday2019 #90daysofheartfulness;
  • The official teams will search for posts with these hashtags and post your updates as stories as well; and
  • Cover images, headers, and other creatives are being designed and will be shared shortly. In case your regional social media team is not registered, please register here to receive the latest updates and files:;


Our teams would appreciate all the help you can offer on design, content research/development/writing, social media sharing, communication and more. You may reach out to the Yoga Day team at

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