Registration and Accommodation Options for the Basant Celebrations 2020

Bulletin No: 2019.53 - Monday, 14 October 2019

Dear sisters and brothers,

Many of us are intensifying our practice and preparing ourselves for the upcoming celebration of 75 years of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, during Basant 2020, when the Meditation Hall at Kanha Shanti Vanam will be inaugurated. Please remind everyone in your centre to register in case they have not so. It will be a Mega Event of our lifetime for every abhyasi to attend:


In case of any problem with the registration process, please send an email to

To accommodate everyone comfortably during the two batches of these celebrations - 29 to 31 January and 1 to 3 February - arrangements are being made to increase the capacity of both the general and premium accommodation options at Kanha Shanti Vanam.

General Accommodation

Kanha Shanti Vanam provides nourishing food and simple comfortable accommodation for all visitors attending the celebrations. More than 25,000 visitors will be comfortably accommodated in the general dormitories, which have tiled floors, brick walls, netted covering, good lighting, fans, and cushioned mats for the floor. Visitors can bring their own bed sheets or purchase them from the bedding counter. The allocation of general accommodation will be done on arrival.

All volunteers will be provided accommodation in their designated volunteer areas, which will typically be near their work locations. Volunteer department coordinators will be managing the same.

Special Accommodation

Special accommodation with bunk beds or cots has been arranged at a number of locations. After registering for the celebrations, booking and payment for specialised accommodation can be done at the following website:


  1. The Eastside Dormitories (Comfort Dorm Buildings):

    There are both A/C and non A/C dormitories, which can accommodate around 4,000 people. These dorms are currently fully booked. Visitors who are on the waitlist are requested to book the Southside Dormitories.

  2. The Northside B Dormitories – Available for Overseas Visitors Only:

    The school building and adjacent buildings will be available during the celebrations exclusively for overseas visitors. They will have cots, mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, hot water. Overseas visitors can book the dorms for both the batches. Space is available for around 1500 visitors.

  3. The Southside Dormitories :

    Special accommodation with bunkbeds is being made available in the new Southside Dormitories for 4,000 visitors. All the dorms are non A/C. Please book at the booking website above.

  4. Special Dormitories for Volunteers – By Invitation Only:

    Special accommodation for volunteers who wish to book and pay for both batches will be arranged in the Eastside or Southside Dormitories. Please contact your centre coordinator, zonal coordinator or volunteer department coordinator, who will help you in this regard. When the celebrations team receives nominations from the coordinators, the volunteers will be notified so that they can book for both batches.

Special accommodation for volunteers who are nominated by centre or zonal coordinators and volunteer department coordinators is on a paid basis for both batches. If anyone has already paid for one batch, there will be an option to upgrade by paying the difference.

Changes to Bookings:

Please re-verify your bookings from the special accommodation website and ensure your batch and dates are correct as per your travel plans. For any changes, please write to immediately.

Accommodation before 25 January and after 3 February 2020:

Those who are coming before 25 January or staying after 3 February will be accommodated in the Eastside or Southside dormitories. There is no mandatory booking or payment required for this. Please ensure your arrival and departure dates are correct in your registration.

Hotel and Apartments

Limited number of rooms with ensuite bathrooms will be available in and around Kanha during the celebrations, at apartment complexes and the Symbiosis College Guest House. Please contact to reserve any of these rooms. Those who only need Hotel rooms are requested to check the availability at Novatel hotel near the Hyderabad Airport.

The Celebrations Team