Heartfulness Magazine

Bulletin No: 2019.62 - Saturday, 23 November 2019

Dear friends,

Greetings from us at Heartfulness magazine.

Recently Daaji shared how a Swamiji from a prominent Math in Eastern India visited Kanha to meet him. Someone had gifted him a copy of Heartfulness magazine and, having read it, he was so impressed that wanted to visit our organisation.

Heartfulness magazine is now in its 5th year, and going stronger than ever. Today, many people from all walks of life and countries are appreciating its dynamic and eclectic content. 2020 will bring featured topics like communication, a guide to dealing with peer pressure and competition, teamwork and emotional intelligence in the sporting world, new paradigms in education, de-polluting the mind, rebuilding the future, plus so much more. Daaji will start a new series for 2020 on lifestyle, including so many practical tips for a purposeful and contented life.

Daaji has been personally inviting Heartfulness practitioners to subscribe for the maximum number of years at the following subscription & renewal rates:

  • One year – 12 issues – Rs 1,100
  • Two Years – 24 issues – Rs 2,000
  • Three years – 36 issues – Rs 3,000
  • Five Years – 60 issues – Rs 5,000


Subscribe before the 5 December and receive the special Collectors' Edition that will be released in December 2019. It is a superb collection of Daaji's articles on Yogic Psychology, filling over 140 pages.