Deepen Your Consciousness - Registration now open for Upcoming Seminars

Bulletin No: 2019.43 - Thursday, 15 August 2019

Dear sisters and brothers,


A Seminar at Kanha Shanti Vanam for all Abhyasis

In Daaji's livecast on 11 August, he invited us to attend an upcoming seminar entitled 'Deepen Your Consciousness'. It will be held at Kanha Shanti Vanam in a series of batches, starting in September and going through to December 2019.

The limit for each batch is 1000, and registration will be done on a 'first come first serve' basis. 

Abhyasis are invited to attend these batches in groups from their centres or as individuals. 

Programs are scheduled for the first two weeks of every month. Abhyasis can arrive on the Tuesday and leave on the Sunday after satsangh.

To register: