Be Simple and Natural

by Daaji, June 02, 2018, Thumkuntha Ashram, Hyderabad

Namaskar. It is not going to be a very long talk, just a simple message from the great Master, Babuji Maharaj. He gives us confidence, he inspires us and tells us, “Having such a method, having the help of the Hierarchy of Masters, how can we not achieve the goal? Do you really want it? If you really want it, it will happen, but make sure you really want it.”

What do we do after that? Many of us may think it’s impossible. Many of us may think, “Oh, it is possible, but it’s so difficult,” but Sahaj Marg is not difficult at all. Everything in life is tough. Everything in life is too complex: family life is too complex, the business world is too complex. When we observe everything minutely, we realize that meditation offered under Sahaj Marg is so simple. The goal is not difficult; it is sahaj. It’s very easy; we should not complicate it. Our practice should be natural. We should be able to naturally be inclined to practice. Nobody should be giving us lectures: “Oh, you had better practice meditation.” No – then it is artificial. When the heart cries out, when the heart is so restless but with a simple desire, “Yes, I want to realize God, I want to merge, I want to change myself,” if this desire is sincere, truthful and authentic, then Sahaj Marg will work like magic, otherwise a million lives will not be enough. Thank you.