Bulletin No: 2018.24 - Sunday, 20 May 2018

Dear friends,

Are you seeking to deepen your understanding and practice of the Heartfulness system? Are you keen to participate in the Heartfulness Movement? Here’s your golden chance. Join the Heartfulness Fellowship Program and be groomed into future ambassadors of the Master, Mission, Method and the Movement.


About the Program

Heartfulness Fellowship Program is a full-time educational and professional program for one year, offered under the Heartfulness Education Trust, during which selected candidates will be closely mentored on a one-to-one basis in the following aspects:

  • Deepening and intensifying one’s individual understanding and practice of Heartfulness.
  • Developing the right attitude towards the 4 Ms of the system.
  • Acquiring knowledge of and skills in conducting various connect and outreach programs of Heartfulness through an integrated approach to training by way of
  • learning on the job, classroom sessions, group seminars and individual coaching by experts.

Who should apply?

  1. Existing practitioners of Heartfulness, who have been practicing the system for a minimum of one year and,
  2. Those who have the time and willingness to travel and live away from their homes and be relocated in one of the Heartfulness centres across India for the period of the program.

If interested, please submit your application by registering at the following link:

The next batch begins on 1 July 2018. Applications will be accepted until the batch is full.

With thanks and best wishes,
Organizing team
Heartfulness Fellowship Program