Bulletin No: 2018.38 - Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Dear sisters and brothers,

New Developments in Schools Programs and Teachers' Training Initiatives

HELP Program in Andhra Pradesh

It is with great joy that we would like to share with you a very large initiative in Andhra Pradesh, where Heartfulness is being offered to students of junior colleges across the entire state as a 16-week course entitled Heartfulness Experience of Life’s Potential (HELP). Up till now, about 500 schools and more than 125,000 students have started the HELP program and more are starting every week. We plan for 200,000 students to go through the program in this academic year. This same HELP program is now available as part of our S-Connect offering for all school students of grades 10 to 12.

For more information about the HELP program, click here to read the detailed report. For questions, contact us at education@heartfulness.org or visit our website at http://education.heartfulness.org/help/.

THW Curriculum Enablement Program

The Heartfulness Way School Curriculum is a series of simple lessons filled with engaging stories, activities and fun games for students of grades 1 to 9. It is now presented in the form of activity books for students and lesson plans for teachers. Along with offering the curriculum to schools, we also train, enable and empower teachers of those schools to deliver this curriculum to their students. This complete offering of curriculum books for students along with training their teachers can now be offered to interested schools.

If you are interested in taking this 'curriculum enablement' program to schools, please contact us at sconnect@heartfulness.org.

Yours affectionately,
Heartfulness Education Team