Bulletin: No: 2018.32 - Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Message from Daaji on the occasion of the passing of our Medium, Madame H élène Peyret

Dear sisters and brothers,

At 2 a.m. in France on 27 June 2018, our Medium, Madame Hélène Peyret, left this world. In this sacred and touching tribute, Daaji honours her dedication and service to the Great Master, describing her as "an extreme example of sacrifice and total love." He also shares a little of the importance of their relationship.

Daaji also requests that no-one tries to come forward as her successor-medium, as "There is no need of a medium anymore, thanks to Master."

On this very special occasion, this moment of her merger with Babuji Maharaj, Daaji invites us to pray for more such souls "to develop in this world, in our Mission, and serve the Great Master."

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