Bulletin No: 2018.53 - Saturday, 27 October 2018

Dear sisters and brothers,

New Content Portals for S-Connect and C-Connect, now known as ‘Heartfulness at Work’


S-Connect now has a new content portal at https://content.heartfulness.org/school/ that has a lot of information related to our education initiatives.

Here you will find Power Points, brochures, letters to schools and all other documents for: Heartfulness Education Offerings;

  • INSPIRE introductory program for teachers;
  • HEART teacher training program;
  • The Heartfulness Way curriculum for students in classes 1 to 9;
  • HELP program for students in classes 10 to 12; and
  • Train the Trainer programs.

If you have any questions about this portal or about our education offerings, please send an email to education@heartfulness.org.

Heartfulness at Work:

Earlier known as C-connect, Heartfulness at Work has a new content portal at https://content.heartfulness.org/atwork for all relevant material required by volunteers.

The ‘At Work’ portal offers content to support the entire life cycle of Heartfulness, right from seeking new opportunities, delivering programs, all the way to collecting testimonials and measuring impact, including:

  • Brochures, presentations, request letters and testimonials to send to organisations, seeking entry for our programs;
  • Heartfulness modules for weekly follow-up, in the form of presentations and self-training videos for volunteers. Currently there are about 30 modules available in both English and Hindi;
  • Support for execution of large programs; and
  • A service catalogue that offers a range of offerings, growing in maturity and depth as we progress in our engagement with the organisations.

Webinars have been arranged to walk through this portal on:

We hope that these two portals will be used well and we welcome your feedback, thoughts and ideas to enrich the content further.