Blessings for Quick Progress

by Chariji, April 30, 2006, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Hello. Hi folks! I envy all of you there sitting in cool comfort. You know, I have had to come up six thousand feet over dirty roads.

So how has the seminar been? I hear there are about sixteen hundred of you there. Sixteen hundred people! Well, we had about six hundred here in Satkhol today for the celebration, and things have been going very well here. And people are very happy and I hope all of you are happy there too. [Something is said at the other end.] Yes, I could hear it. Well, let us all keep it that way because, you know, I have been getting a lot of mails with all sorts of funny requests and funny criticisms about culture, about food, about Indians and the Westerners. You know we have to give up all our identity when we go to Babuji. That's what Babuji called the naked condition. We are human beings—not Americans, not Indians, not Chinese, not Japanese—but human beings. Our forms are different, our souls are the same. Similarly with food, you know. You have a pancake, we have a dosa . You eat it with maple syrup; we eat it with the “gun powder”. Eventually we are all happy, we are satisfied and if you have overeaten, you burp a bit. [Laughter] Isn't it?

I was just criticizing these guys here—three of them Indian Americans—how they eat out of cartons, after reading the contents of the carton and then making up their mind what to eat. We look at nothing but the food; we eat it, it's nice and we stay healthy—not slim but healthy. Sahaj Marg says, eat well, eat wisely. We eat well, we eat wisely. We meditate. We do the cleaning. We may not shower twice a day, but we do the cleaning. Okay? You know water is scarce here. It is getting scarcer all over the world. So you see how wise Babuji's system is. Do the cleaning and that's it! [Laughs] I hope all of you reciprocate my sentiment.

Well, today has been a great day. It is one of the greatest days in our life, as I pray to Babuji Maharaj to bless all of you with quick progress. So we have less and less time to do more and more, and quarrel less and less. Bye, bye. Love to all of you.