Bulletin No: 2017.35 - Sunday, 24 September 2017

  1. Clean and Green Kanha
  2. Call for UN-Related Event Reports

1. Clean and Green Kanha

Our masters are in the process of creating a new future for us - Kanha Shanthi vanam. Let us all become a helping hand to lay a brick to build their vision of creating a place of spirituality- full of Nature and Love. Please join us in this beautiful saga of Love and choose your colour consciously "Blue or Green, to fulfill Master's Dream".

Let us start for this bhandara!

There are already some simple things that you can do: Let us start for this bhandara!

  1. Avoid bringing and using plastic bags (for laundry, bathroom...). If you need to bring some, make sure that you take them back with you
  2. Respect the colour code for the different dustbins available in the premises:
  • Green for wet and food waste
  • Blue for plastic only
  • Red for metal, glass and paper
  • Yellow for medical waste

Teach your loved ones and friends about this movement of 'Clean and Green Kanha' by sharing the video below: English | Hindi | Tamil | Telugu

2.Call for UN-related Event Reports

As the heartfulness movement grows all around the world, we would like to make sure we are keeping records of any United Nations-related events happening in partnership with Shri Ram Chandra Mission and the Heartfulness Institute.

If in the past year, your center has conducted a heartfulness event celebrating an International United Nations day (ie. International Day of Yoga, International Day of Peace, etc.) or has partnered with community members or NGOs to support one of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, please fill out the following form.