A Vital Announcement

Kolkata, October 3rd, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A happy Puja [Durga Puja celebration] to all of you. On this auspicious occasion, I have an important, in fact, a vital announcement to make concerning the future of all abhyasis all over the world and the future of our Mission.

This morning the Working Committee of the Mission met here in Kolkata, and after the ordinary proceedings were finished, I made an announcement about the person who will succeed me as my Master's representative and become the third president of Shri Ram Chandra Mission for his lifetime. I introduce to you brother Kamlesh Patel, who has been chosen to lead the Mission on its next stage into the future. I pray that all of you will cooperate with him, support him, give him all your love, because in his work, when he takes over from me, like a lamp needs oil, he will need the love of all abhyasis because it is not an easy task.

Babuji Maharaj, as the first president of the Mission, the founder president, served the Mission for thirty-eight years. I have been serving it for twenty-eight years now, and will continue to serve you all as long as I am here.

So please remember that he is the guide and must have your support, your love, your cooperation, without limit. I hope and pray that you will all extend it to him.

Please inform all those who have not come here about this happy development in the Mission.

Thank you very much.