Bulletin No: 2016.77 - Wednesday, 23 November 2016

23 November 2016, Wednesday – Monroe Meditation Center

My very dear ones,

I share these notes with great pleasure and delight from the bottom of my heart.

My heart is pulled towards those Heartfulness Volunteers, including preceptors, whose dedication has prompted the Great Master to convey His confidence in our abhyasis, whose efforts to grow the Sahaj Marg Mission have met with the approval of the Hierarchy.

Please refer to the 14 October 2016 message from the Brighter World by Pujya Shri Babuji (underlines are mine):

“…All in good time. Sahaj Marg is growing very satisfactorily, which fills us with joy and encourages us to greatly increase our action…” Babuji

I find the underlined words even more thrilling. It makes me wonder at what He means by “to greatly increase our action"! This is a tremendous recognition of all those dedicated volunteers. The United Masters have shown their confidence in the work carried out by our abhyasis.

Do we need any other certificate? Let us cherish the moment with joy.

Moreover, I just came across a letter by Pujya Shri Babuji written to respected Elder Brother K. C. Narayana on 1 November 1971. This letter is marked C/68 SRCM. Here are the words that struck the chords of my heart, and I hope they will of yours, too: “I am totally in favor of introducing Sahaj Marg as a course in the American Universities and you must try for that.” Babuji.

Doesn’t this endorse our initiatives in the thousands of schools, colleges and universities worldwide?

Both the narrations, one from the Brighter World and the other in the 1 November 1971 letter, show that, yes, we are truly on the right track.

Let us now multiply our efforts for an exponential growth in the Heartfulness Movement.

Let us NOT relegate our responsibilities to someone else. When I am performing a sacred work, should I surrogate it through someone else?

Sacred works can never be done by proxy.

It is a different matter to share your work with a brother or a sister. Let us multiply our efforts in building true brotherhood—at any cost. Without unity amongst us, even if we progress, it will ultimately mean nothing.

What answers shall we give to Pujya Shri Babuji for a lack of brotherhood? Do we try even a little bit to treat a fellow abhyasi as our very own? One may keep trying while the other may keep reminding of past incidents! How can one step away from such stalemates?

The heart cries out in prayers to end such stalemates.

May there be peace and harmony. May there be greater understanding and wisdom amongst us chosen ones.

With the Heartfulness Movement gaining momentum, we must remind ourselves that we will not succumb to jealousy and competition. Both these traits reflect a lack of faith in oneself, as well as in the Great Master, whom we revere so lovingly and speak His name in every other sentence.

If you can, please sit for fifteen minutes and meditate over the words of Pujya Shri Babuji communicated in his 14 Oct.’16 message from the Brighter World and in his letter of 1 Nov.’71. If we witness a brother or a sister successful in their enterprise, let us rejoice it as our own success. With that deep fraternity, results will become evident not in a distant future, but here and now, and we are the most fortunate witnesses and participants in the evolution unfolding in front of our eyes.

Offer prayer before going to bed, for the success of the Mission.

With love and respect,