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Bulletin No: 2018.25 - Monday, 21 May 2018


Dear Sisters & Brothers,

In our endeavour to improve the services we offer to Heartfulness Seekers, we have come up with a concept called HEARTFULNESS LIVE or HFN LIVE.

What is HFN LIVE?

  • Meditate from the comfort of your home or office, without having to step out to meet a Heartfulness Trainer.
  • Listen to some compelling self-development content, titled Heartfulness Self-Mastery – a series of short and crisp video modules meant to address life’s
  • challenges and issues.
  • Bring a Heartfulness Trainer right into your living room or onto the desktop by watching our online channel; and meditate LIVE.
  • Standardised online link for easy and repeated meditation sessions.
  • Choice of time slots to suit your convenience, on all weekdays.
  • Choice of Languages (English, Hindi and Tamil are already being aired – more languages to be added soon)
  • Pre-published, online Meditation Session Calendar.
  • Plug In – Meditate – Plug Out – Continue with Work –Remain Relaxed & Calm.
  • Save time and travel costs

What do you need to use HEARTFULNESS LIVE or HFN LIVE?

  • It is absolutely FREE, as are many of our services.
  • A Device with a 4G Data connection
  • A connection to the link we provide
  • A comfortable chair or yoga mat to sit and meditate with the Heartfulness trainers at the given time slots

Please share this concept and link with all the seekers known to you.

The Links for HFN Live:

Full URL: (or)
Tiny URL: >

We are certain that this HFN Live Service will help seekers to connect with their inner higher selves and rejuvenate based on their individual needs.