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Bulletin No: 2018.1 - Monday, 8 January 2018

Dear sisters and brothers,

Count down for Basant celebrations has begun, please help us with following information.

All those who are planning to attend the celebration, even for a single day, and who have not yet registered, please register at

Those who have already registered are requested to update their arrival and departure timings at, in case there are any changes in travel plans.

Buses are bring arranged for pick up & drop off, based on the data you submit. This is very critical for planning transport and accommodation. In the past, we have observed that sometimes arrangements have been wasted due to last minute cancellations.

Those who have already registered and are unable to attend the celebration due change of plans are requested to cancel the registration at

Your cooperatation in keeping the registration information updated will help the Kanha team to serve us all better.

Regards, Celebration Chairman
Ashish Singh