How to Start Meditation?


In order to commence the Sahaj Marg practice, you will need to contact a preceptor of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) and schedule an introductory session. A preceptor is an abhyasi (spiritual aspirant ) who has been prepared and permitted by the Master to introduce people to the Sahaj Marg system and conduct group meditation.

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What to Expect

The preceptor will give you an introduction to the practice and explain the various aspects of Sahaj Marg. During your meeting, please feel free to ask questions or seek clarifications as appropriate. Once you have decided to begin the practice, you will be required to schedule (typically three) introductory meditation sessions (or "sittings") with the preceptor. These sessions will be held on consecutive days, and will last about 45 minutes each. During these sessions, you will sit face to face with the preceptor and meditate. After you have completed your introductory sittings, you may begin your daily meditation practice, and participate in the group meditations (satsangh).

Elements of Practice

The main elements of the practice include:

  • A heart-based meditation and inner cleaning practice, which work in concert to free us from mental and emotional burdens and lead us to the tranquil inner recesses of the Self.
  • A ten-minute prayer-meditation before bed that reminds us daily of our ultimate goal of spiritual growth.
  • An additional technique called "constant remembrance", used for daily reflection and moment-to-moment guidance for meeting every eventuality of daily life.
  • The use of transmission, the subtlest spiritual energy, to bring about evolutionary change.

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