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From the desk of Daaji - The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Bulletin No: 2020.9 - Saturday, 14 March 2020

Dear ones,


The news that is coming daily from various part of the globe about the rapid spread of COVID-19, the new coronavirus, and its impact on health, finance and other necessities, is quite worrying.

We must prepare ourselves and our families to weather the situation. When in doubt, be cautious. The elderly, pregnant women, those who are immune suppressed, as well as those with high blood pressure, must be extra vigilant. Many governments and businesses are trying to assess the reality, and it is important that we follow simple guidelines without panicking. Please read the attached recent information that has been compiled by Dr Swati Kannan from the USA, which is also relevant to all of us worldwide. In addition to the guidance given in the attached documents, frequently drinking hot water is a useful preventative.

The attitude of poise and care we can demonstrate as we go about our daily lives during the pandemic will radiate towards others also. COVID-19 does not discriminate according to race, gender, culture or nationality, so let’s continue to be kind and compassionate to all. We can also avoid forwarding myths via social media, as it only fuels fear and panic.

As far as our spiritual practice is concerned, we can continue to practise at home with even more regularity and intensity, participate in the 9 p.m. universal prayer, take remote sittings using the HeartsApp, and participate in remote group satsanghs as organized by our local centres. Maintaining a Social Distance of 1 to 2 metres is advised at this time, to reduce the spread of the virus.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the spread of COVID-19, we will wait and watch, and decide on celebrating Pujya Babuji’s Birth Anniversary at Kanha. We hope and pray that the summer heat will arrest the spread of COVID-19.

With prayers to Beloved Master for His love and blessings,
Kamlesh Patel