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Global Survey - COVID 19 Pandemic - Effect of Heartfulness Practices

Bulletin No: 2020.29 - Thursday, 20 August 2020

Dear sisters and brothers,

On 13 July, we informed you of the launch of a global study carried out by the independent research teams of the Institute of Neurosciences and the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, both from UCLouvain in Brussels, Belgium.

This research program has the full support of Heartfulness Institute’s collaboration on this program, which is primarily evaluating the impact of the crisis in our daily environment and the beneficial effects of Heartfulness practices in coping with the situation.

Professors R. Kupers and P. de Timary, who are in charge of this study, have shared more details of the research at

Our responses as a “meditating group” will be compared with those of a control group of people who do not meditate, who use other means to cope with the COVID 19 pandemic. This comparison will provide data on the effect of meditation.

Your participation as a meditator is important, but equally important is the participation of non-meditators. An equal number in each group is required for good statistical analysis. Please extend this invitation to your friends, family, colleagues, WhatsApp contacts etc. who do not meditate, so that we can finalize this exciting research. We are grateful for your help.

Please participate by:

We will share the results with you in due course. Many thanks in advance for your active collaboration.

Heartfulness Research Team