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U.N. International Day of Families & Managing with the Heart

Bulletin No: 2020.21 - Friday, 15 May 2020

Dear sisters and brothers,

U.N. International Day of Families

On the occasion of International Family Day (May 15), Heartfulness Institute is doing a social media campaign. We invite you to post a picture or two of the Heartful moments you spend with your family. Please be sure to select only those photos that you are comfortable posting on social media. If you are unable to get together with your family for any reason, post the most recent photo of yours with your family.

It is mandatory to mention Heartfulness handles appropriately and include #heartfulness in all your posts. Here are the official handles:

FB - @practiceheartfulness
IG - @heartfulness

We will be featuring selected submissions as stories on Facebook and Instagram. All submissions/posts are to be made no later than 8 pm IST on Friday, 15 May 2020.

Managing with the Heart

Please join Mr. Suresh Prabhu as he speaks as a guest speaker on "Managing with the Heart" series with Heartfulness Guide Daaji and Dr. Ichak Adizes, Founder of the Adizes Institute, where they will talk on integrating spirituality while managing politics and public life.

Date : 15th May, 2020
Time : 8:00 PM IST | 7:30 AM PT