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As you have seen from the chapter on Goal, it is essential to understand the aim of Sahaj Marg meditation and the specific method prescribed. In Sahaj Marg, the goal of meditation is exclusively spiritual. It is to be used as instructed. Its efficacy, which we recognize as we practice it, is its own proof.

It is generally believed that meditation is difficult and requires a lot of preliminary preparation. Sahaj Marg, on the contrary, says that meditation is a natural activity that does not require any preparation. In fact the only thing that prepares the mind for meditation is meditation itself.

In meditation, mind is not controlled but regulated. The mind is brought to bear upon a single subject, divine light in the heart, and disturbing and intruding thoughts are allowed to drop off by non-attention. Non-attention is the greatest weapon to avoid thoughts, as thoughts without human attention have no power. In meditation the mind is gently diverted to commune with the Ultimate.

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