Abhyasi Self Study Course

The Goal

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Fix your Goal which should be complete oneness with God.
Rest not till the ideal is achieved.
(Maxim Three)
Fix All human endeavour should therefore start with a clear knowledge regarding our aim, and this applies to yoga as much as to anything else.

(The Principles of Sahaj Marg, Set 1, Volume 1, "Yoga as an Instrument of Human Evolution", p. 21)


Our real nature is that of changeless simplicity, which is the essence of the Absolute itself. The changeless state is always there in us, but we are mostly absorbed with the changeable. The changeless state of being can only be felt when we become subtle ourself. Sahaj Marg practice cultivates our reconnection with the changeless state within us. Cleaning and prayer help us to shed the complexities we have accumulated. Meditation progressively establishes us in our real nature. The Master who is established in his connection with the Absolute enables us to reach the goal. The goal in Sahaj Marg is explicit - complete oneness with God. Our awareness of and attention to this, our goal, is essential to hasten our progress.

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