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Diary Writing

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A diary is not merely a book in which we write our thoughts and the day's activities. It is no doubt this too, but is also a progressive record of one's spiritual development and evolution. The progressive nature becomes evident and perceptible to one who maintains the diary only when it is re-read after a year or so. When a person climbs up a mountain one sees hardly anything of the road either above or below because of the twists and turns that the road takes. But when one reaches a sufficient height one can look back and see the winding road on which one has come. In effect we gain perspective and understanding and knowledge of our growth by maintaining a diary.

A diary must be used to record authentic events and thoughts, undistorted by exaggeration, and complete without suppression of valid material. In fact it should be a candid and open record with nothing hidden and nothing omitted from the context. Such a record makes it easy for a person to look into himself with absolute candour, by which, assessment of one's own condition becomes simple and easy, and one can also slowly begin to accept oneself as he is, without feelings of shame and guilt. Simultaneously, one is able to take corrective action through the Grace of Master and the method that is available to us.

A diary is therefore a very important personal document which can, if maintained properly and regularly, become an useful instrument in one's self-assessment, and therefore in one's evolution.

A further feature of the Diary is that the diaries of abhyasis who progress well on the path can also become records for reference by other abhyasis, and thus help them on their path too. I, therefore, pray that all abhyasis gain the necessary wisdom to maintain their diary regularly and meticulously.

(Abhyasi Diary)


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