Babuji Memorial Ashram - Visitor Information


Chennai is located in the tropical zone. In April and May, the weather is hot and humid, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Centigrade (98 degrees Farenheit) during the day and about 25 Centigrade (75 Farenheit) at night. Monsoons (torrential rains) generally begin in the middle of October and last until until the middle of December.


The rule, “Travel light,” applies especially in India. A few summer clothes, sandals, a pullover, and a shawl are all that are really needed. A bed sheet or cotton shawl can serve as makeshift bedding, when protection from mosquitoes and from drafts created by fans is all that is needed on hot summer nights. For a stay during the monsoon and winter seasons (October to January), bring a few warm clothes and a sleeping bag, as nights can be cool. For your comfort, one could bring a torch light, pocketknife and earplugs!

Transportation in Chennai

For excursions into Chennai, auto-rickshaws are usually stationed outside the main gate of the Ashram. Fix up the price of your trip with the driver before leaving the Ashram. One can also hire a car with driver using services like Ola and Uber. 


Knowing, respecting, and conforming to Indian cultural habits will help you to avoid
misunderstandings and get along well with everyone.

  • Dress neatly and in clean clothes. Wear long skirts or pants and shawls so that you avoid exposing your legs and shoulders.
  • Use your right hand when giving or taking something from someone or when touching another person. Only use your right hand when touching food.
  • Avoid touching someone with your feet or stretching out your legs in front of another person.