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Travel Request Application Procedure for Abhyasis within India

All abhyasis who wish to stay overnight are required to have a Mission’s ID card and a letter of introduction from their Prefect or Centre in Charge.

Prior written request seeking approval to visit is preferable, which should be sent to the Ashram Manager at Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam. Please fill in the following form for individual as well as group travel requests.

Travel Request Form for Abhyasis in India

Travel Request Application Procedure For Overseas Abhyasis

Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the form: Travel Request Form (for approval of visit to BMA Manapakkam and to travel with Master)

  1. If you wish to visit Manapakkam ashram or travel with Master you need to fill out a travel request form. You must be recommended by your prefect and by the country in-charge or regional coordinator.
  2. Approval is required even if the applicant is going to stay outside the ashram or venue of the bhandara, in which case the address should be given. The travel request must be recommended by the country in-charge or regional coordinator after verifying the points mentioned above. The request should then be sent to the Travel Request desk in Manapakkam by the person making the recommendation.
  3. The second page of the travel request form includes a check list. Please agree to this list before submitting your request.
  4. Upon arrival at the ashram, you will need to carry a printed copy of the travel request form with signatures of the recommending prefect and country in-charge, regional in-charge or regional coordinator. If the request has been submitted online their signature is not required on the printed copy, especially if the signature is difficult to obtain because of physical distance.
  5. The third page of the travel request form (passport, visa, airline ticket and emergency information) is for purposes of checking in at the ashram. It can be mailed in advance or carried and presented at the time of check in.
  6. If you plan to stay outside the Mission's ashrams or venue of functions, permission is still limited to the time period approved by revered Master.
  7. Please note that visits to Satkhol, CREST or retreat centres requires separate travel approval, for which you should go to the web pages of those centres.
  8. If you need to use the Delhi ashram (RK Puram) or the Kolkata ashram as a transit point, please include that information on the form (under 'other details'), so that the travel request desk can inform the ashram that you will be stopping there. When you arrive at that ashram, you will to show your approved travel request as well as your Mission ID card.
  9. Bhandaras have separate registration forms which will be posted on the website at the appropriate time.

At Babuji Memorial Ashram, Manapakkam::

  1. The abhyasi ID card must be worn at all times within the ashram.
  2. Dress code according to local standards should be observed. First time visitors will be briefed by the recommending prefect.
  3. Combining tourism with a spiritual visit is not advised. Otherwise tourism is best done before you arrive in Manapakkam, so that you can return direct from Manapakkam to your home.
  4. You are welcome to attend all satsangs in the ashram.
  5. Visiting prefects are asked not to give introductory sittings to local aspirants or to those they meet during their travels. You may brief them about Sahaj Marg and give them the contact number of a local prefect.
  6. A locker facility is available to keep valuable articles such as passport, electronic devices, cash, et cetera; valuables should never be left in the dormitories unattended.
  7. If there is a need to do any shopping, the help of the ashram manager or any responsible functionary may be taken.

Compliance with Indian Visa and Immigration rules:

  1. Please check with your Indian Embassy or Consulate office regarding travel alerts, passport validation requirements and revised entry and exit rules that accompany the visa.
  2. Do not remain in India after expiry of your visa, as you are likely to be turned back from the airports at the port of exit by Indian immigration authorities.
  3. Remember to register promptly with the local Immigration or Foreigners Registration Office if it is stipulated on the visa stamp in the passport. This must be done within the time specified on the visa. The Mission cannot intervene to obtain an exit visa.
  4. Avoid travel complications by clear compliance with Indian laws and regulations.

Caution When Exchanging Money:

  1. It is suspected that a massive infusion of counterfeit notes of INR 1000 and INR 500 is taking place through other countries into India. All our overseas abhyasis are advised not to accept these denominations from money changers in their countries.
  2. Currency exchange in India should be done only from authorised banks as directed by revered Master. The receipt for such transactions should be retained until you leave India. The receipt should contain your name and passport number.
  3. As far as possible, payment for big purchases and expenses while in India should be made with international credit cards if possible.

Travel Request Form (for approval of visit to BMA Manapakkam and to travel with Master

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