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Basant Celebrations - Survey participation request by Heartfulness Medical Research Team

Bulletin No: 2019.06 - Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Respected Sisters and Brothers, (who have Registered for Basant 2019)

Heartfulness Medical Research Team (HMRT) is happy to connect with you through this communication and Hearty Welcome to Kanha Shantivanam for Basant Celebrations 2019.

By the divine grace of Beloved Master Daaji, HMRT-India proposes to conduct a Research on certain aspects of Psychological well being and Emotional behaviour of our Heartfulness practitioners at Basant Utsav and the same will be compared later with the general public to study how Heartfulness impacts these parameters.

At this juncture, We request you to express your interest to participate in these surveys which will be conducted during the Bhandara (Basant 2019) at Kanha Shantivanam. This exercise will not take more than 20 minutes each time. The only criteria is that you should have smartphones. We will be explaining the methodologies after you get enrolled

If you are interested, kindly fill the attached basic information sheet which is shared in the below Online Form Link and submit to us on or before 30th January 2019.


Thank you and Look forward to your active participation. For any help, please do send mail to

Heartfulness Medical Research Team – India