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HeartsApp by Heartfulness is now available for Apple users

Bulletin No: 2019.14 - Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Dear sisters and brothers,

HeartsApp by Heartfulness is now available for Apple users on the App Store, as well as on the Google Play Store.

You are invited to download the HeartsApp and use it to receive online sittings. Please also encourage your friends and family to take sittings through the App if they do not have a trainer nearby. Newcomers can download the App to start meditation by attending 3 masterclasses at their convenience in their home or office.

There are many other features on the App, including journal writing and access to Heartfulness Magazine, articles and books, as well audio and video files. We hope you will enjoy discovering the wealth of content on your phone or tablet.

Please connect with the HeartsApp team with any feedback, questions, or requests for help at

Preceptors worldwide can download the HeartsApp and be available online to give as many sittings as possible on a daily basis.

Play store link

App Store link

All users of the Let’s Meditate App are advised to move to the HeartsApp.