Individual Sittings with Preceptors

From the time we are first introduced to Sahaj Marg meditation, essential support is provided through individual meditation sittings with prefects. In order to begin the practice, we are required to have at least three introductory sittings on three consecutive days, preparing the way for our personal practice. Thereafter, we are encouraged to receive individual sittings at least once every two weeks, to continue clearing away the layers of samskaras (impressions, impurities, heaviness and complexities) in the heart.

When we do the evening cleaning on our own, we are able to remove impressions and complexities that have accumulated over the course of the day. However, it is more difficult to clean impressions that have been reinforced over time by repeated behaviour patterns. Prefects function under the guidance of the spiritual Master and act as conduits for the divine energy (pranahuti), or transmission, which is utilized during individual sittings to remove these deeper complexities and impediments to our spiritual growth.

Prefects are individually trained and prepared by the Master to offer instruction in the practice of Sahaj Marg. The work is voluntary, and it includes introducing interested persons to the Sahaj Marg method and conducting both individual and group meditations for all who wish to participate in this spiritual practice.

When receiving a sitting, we simply sit facing the preceptor and meditate, in the same manner as during the morning meditation (except that we do not begin with the Prayer). Individual sittings last about thirty minutes and serve as a catalyst for spiritual advancement.