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Spirituality—the Essence of the Eternal

by Chariji, May 15, 2006, Milano, Italy.

One beautiful thing about spirituality, that even though the body is incapable, spirituality cannot fade. I hope you have seen it. Even though the body may disappear or be weak, the spirituality is always strong. Isn’t it?

So for me it is a confirmation of a conviction that spirituality is beyond the material life, the corporeal life as we call it. And it is of the essence of the eternal, and therefore every time we have a sitting, and there is a good transmission (of course, all transmissions are good because they come from Him), we are put a little more into that ocean of bliss about which my Master speaks so often, and which is supposed to be a big, vast ocean, an infinite ocean in which we shall swim for ever and ever.

When I saw the swimming pool below, you see, for a moment I was tempted to swim, but if I got into that pool, you would have had to fish me out again, and I am not good to eat; I am only good to transmit! So that reminded me of what we have to do. We have to find the ocean of bliss, where we don’t need to swim, where we don’t have to learn to swim, but we shall swim, because the Master is swimming ahead of us.

You know, Babuji Maharaj has written that, ahead of him Lalaji Maharaj was swimming. So I hope I’m swimming behind him! And that is the assurance that Sahaj Marg gives to us: that so long as we are following we are with him, we are not behind, we are all together. Some near, some a little distance, some a greater distance, but we are together. Here there is the limitation of space, the three dimensions of space, so we cannot all be in one circle here—some near, some little distance. But in spirituality we are all together at the same time. And this oneness, this togetherness, we experience when we sit in meditation and have an experience that time is lost, space doesn’t exist. And when we say, “That’s all,” and we open our eyes, we find we are here all together again in a different dimension, the dimension of space and time.

So every time we sit in meditation, we overcome the limitations of the three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time, and that is the beauty, that is the liberation that we speak about, which we experience time and again, meditation after meditation, whether we sit alone or with a preceptor.

So I hope that something of this eternal feature of our life, our true life, is awakened in us every time that we meditate, so that our memory of our Original Home, as Babuji Maharaj says, is strengthened. And our aspiration is to go There rather than to remain here in this limitation, in this limited world, in this world where we need money, where we need comfort, where we need sunshine, where we need rain—so many things. In That world, what do we need?—nothing. It is that nothingness about which Babuji speaks over and over again in his books, and which we shall explore as we meditate more and more. Perhaps, tomorrow morning if He blesses us with another experience—surely in Denmark, to which seminar I invite all of you. Thank you.