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The Heart Eternal

by Chariji, January 8, 2006, Chennai, India.

All my sisters and brothers who are here:

I am delighted to have had you for a month, but I am sorry it could not have been longer. It has been so wonderful that I wish it would last forever like this. But in this world, nothing lasts forever, you know, except the heart—core, core in Italian. “Con core” [singing], “L’amour con core”! “Amore con core” (love with the heart), no?

So, you know, we have a tradition in one part of India—when a person dies in India, we cremate them, on fire. It is the heart which burns last. The skull, the bones—everything disappears. But the heart will not burn. Yes, I have seen it myself so many times. And then what they do is, they take a little clay, cover the heart with the clay and put it into the river. It goes into eternity. The heart is not destroyed at all. So the heart is indestructible. And because love comes from the heart, or should come from the heart, true love is indestructible. It is immortal, it is eternal. And therefore we say, such love is divine love. L’amore divina, is it correct in Italian?

That is the sort of love we are trying to create in our abhyasis, and through you into people in your countries so that, in a not very long time, maybe ten years, the world will know what is true love. There will be no betrayal of love; there will be no divorces, because marriages will be from the heart, not from the head. That is only the smallest benefit! The larger benefits: there will be no human hatred, there will be no antagonism between people, between colours, between religions. And we hope, by His blessings, His grace, that we shall have a united world; not united politically or economically, but united through the heart of humanity.

We may be different but we shall be one. Like the light you put through a prism, you have seven colours —but when we put through a prism only. So the world is broken up through artificial things into races, into cultures, into nationalities, into languages. They divide us. When we say, “Ah, I’m proud of my language,” we are making a big mistake. We should use language, not be proud of it. Similarly, we should use politics to give good to everybody. What is good in your country, you must give to our country. What is good in our country, we give to your country—so that goodness increases and badness goes.

So Sahaj Marg has a big agenda (as my son always says—“agenda”). What is this agenda? Remaining what we are, we shall be one. Because we don’t want people from all over the world all looking the same, all the same height, all the same colour; that is no good. Variety in unity, all with the same heart, whatever the brain may say. You know, like you have so many computers, different makes; you have Apple, you have IBM first, sharp difference, then you have Acer and I don’t know what else, but they all do the same work. Similarly we must have humans—black, white, yellow, blue and I don’t know what else, but we must all think of the same goal. Our hearts must support us in the same way. We must all be brothers and sisters—no more Christians, no more Muslims, no more Hindus, no more Buddhists. We are humans, we are all one, within one world, united—again I say—not politically or economically, but through the love that we shall have for all of us.

I hope such a world will come into being. We see a small sample here, a very small sample, minuscule, atomic, but remember that the world is made of atoms and molecules. Everything in this universe is made of atoms. So we should not laugh at atoms, or be depressed that, “Oh, this is only an atomic example.” From one atom will come two, and then become a molecule, then become a super molecule, and voila! we have the world.

I present to you the possibility of such a world provided you all cooperate with your heart in this magnificent, desirable venture. Thank you.

All of you will be going home; bon voyage! Whenever you go, may you have a happy journey back to your families. May you spread the light that you’ve got here, to your people, without bias and without reserve. Don’t think this is something strange. The heart is the same everywhere, all over the world. It is the heart which suffers. The body suffering is not important. You go to a doctor, he does something, you are okay. But when this [pointing to the heart] breaks, the human being is dead!

So please help people to preserve their hearts. Love them not with your heads, but with your hearts. Love them forever because the heart does not love for a second or for a day or for a year, but when it loves, it loves always.

Thank you for having me at lunch, and may Master bless all of you.