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Working Together

by Chariji, July 12, 2003, Cossonay, Switzerland 

I have to go to another meeting, you know, to see how better this organisation can serve humanity, how we can continue to make walls disappear, how important it is to make the people who are responsible for this organisation work together, with friendship, freedom and brotherhood-because they are not really existing here. Even in these Italian statutes, I believe, there were so many problems.

You know, when you don't do anything, like me, when you don't do anything, you are passive, you have your eyes open, your ears open, and your mouth closed-you can hear everything. You get information without asking. But normally, we are keeping our eyes closed, our ears closed, and our mouth open. We hear nothing! We are working in that way sometimes.

So this meeting, you know, is to make sure my brothers and sisters understand each other, that they co-operate with the heart, not just the mind, and build a real Sahaj Marg, of which Babuji Maharaj dreamed, and which you are all trying to bring into reality, into existence, here.

So we shall meet this evening again for satsangh. Thank you.