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Address to abhyasis in Kolkata

by Chariji, October 23, 2003, Kolkata, India

 We have to do everything, especially our spiritual practice, hoping that we can complete it while we are still alive. You all know that samskaras are carried from life to life, and what we have brought here with us determines what we are. As far as the physical, material world is concerned, there can be no change. But, spiritual life is an unlimited life, where the potential is from whatever we are, to the highest level of spiritual possible growth. Sahaj Marg and my Master have assured us that this is possible, achievable, provided you are willing to put your heart into it.

It is said that time wasted cannot be regained at all - time is gone. Once it is gone, you cannot recapture it. So, every moment we waste, it is wasted forever. Every moment lost is lost forever. Money can be lost and recovered. Even health can be lost and recovered - everything else, but not time. Repeatedly, we are getting indications from above, that, " Dear brother, dear sister, time is running out. Don't play with time, don't pass time, don't waste time, utilize time, because, every second is precious." Every second utilized properly, effectively, for our future spiritual welfare probably gains us another, you know, moment in eternity, which is infinite. Abhyasis have a tendency to think upon spiritual life as some sort of a game. We come, we sit, food is good, surroundings are good, we also meditate, maybe not for all the half an hour or forty five minutes, but at least for a few minutes. Many people have confessed to me that, "I was able to meditate three minutes today." But remember again, time gone is time gone. I cannot do yesterday's meditation today. Even today's meditation, if I don't do, it is gone. Time moves without any brakes. Cars can be stopped, trains can be stopped, everything can be stopped, but not time.

I believe human life is only for us to come here and to go into our immortal divine abode - what Lord Krishna in the Gita says, " Tad dhaama paramam mama - Yad ghatva na nivartanthe" - That is my param dhaam, from which nobody shall return. But, we have to do it here, you see - like you have to buy the ticket before you can board the train, you have to enter the train before you can reach your destination, you have to stay in it. A journey may begin with buying a ticket, but it will end only when you have gone home at the other end, not before. So, this is something we have to give very serious thought to, "Am I doing what I should be doing, or am I not doing? Am I wasting time, am I playing with spirituality, is it a tamasha, an escape from life?" I can assure you that the spiritual life is also a very pleasant and pleasurable life. It is not that you have to sit down on coals or fire, and meditate like the sadhus and sannyasis do. It is very pleasant. We have got a beautiful meditation hall, happy surroundings, fresh air, comfortable aasan. Everything that a human being can want today, we have in our ashrams, even in our homes, most of us have. We are no longer required to go off into the jungle, sitting down under a tree with a snake around your neck, and a tiger brushing its way past you, you know. Those are all from mythology. Today our life, spiritual life, is a most enjoyable, pleasurable, comfortable life. Good surroundings, happy atmosphere, bagh bagiche, with your family. In no other marg it is permitted. Sahaj Marg is the only grihastha marg. Everywhere else you are told that you have to renounce your wife, you have to renounce your children, and go. Sahaj Marg says, bring everybody with you, bring also your batheeja and you know, your behnoi, also your sasur and your saas. So long as they are human beings, they are welcome here. So, this is an all-inclusive system. Physical is provided for, mental is provided for, intellectual is provided for, but the sole purpose is spiritual evolution. There is no renunciation here, except renunciation of the tendency to waste time, to enjoy, to have pleasure in life, knowing that the true pleasure and true enjoyment are only in the spiritual life, when I am at my destination, where for eternity I shall be happy.

So, please remember that Sahaj Marg is all-inclusive, there is no renunciation, there is no tyaag, we are encouraged to live a family life, we perform marriages here, we give names to children, and we promote family welfare as a totality of human existence, not as something which is to be suffered, which is ignoble, which is sinful, but which has the sanction of God, because God created us. He created us as we are, he created male and female, and he said you must have children, but let them be properly born, dharmic, etc, etc, you see. So, I repeat, this is the only grihastha marg, where we are allowed to live with our wife, children, family, encouraged to bring everybody into spirituality, so that we shall go together wherever we have to go, and the responsibility is on each individual abhyasi to do it properly, to do it with devotion and dedication.

So, that is all I have to say this morning, and I have to take the pleasure of inviting all of you to be present for the Inauguration on the 25th December. You know, accommodation in this ashram is limited. Calcutta abhyasis will not be allowed to stay here. They will come and go every day. As many as possible will stay outside, so people who wish to participate must already advise Br. Ajay Bhatter or our Centre-in-charge, Mr. Chandrakant Kothari, and other responsible people, so that we can reserve accommodation wherever it is to be done. I will also be staying here for the January 1st of 2004, which means I will be here for more than a week. Of course, I shall enjoy my stay, I hope you also will, in a spiritual sense.