Vrads Sande Retreat Centre - Policies

Vrads Sande Retreat Centre - Policies

"I hope you will all have a wonderful retreat, whatever be the period of your stay. Please dedicate yourself to it from the very beginning, for retreats are not meant to be holidays, nor escapes from life, but escape from yourself into your Self, with a capital ‘S’, where lies the Maana Sarovar—the lake into which you have a dip, and come out clean, fresh, bright."
Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, Malampuza, 3 March 2008


Please comply with the policies of Vrads Sande Retreat Centre to make your retreat a safe and successful one and to help maintain the beauty and purity of this special space.

  • Remember the spiritual purpose of your retreat. Do your best to maintain the purity of the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the physical environment.
  • Take special care to respect the need for silence of your fellow retreatants at all times.
  • Avoid using your cell phone and leave your laptop at home.
  • All food at the retreat centre is strictly vegetarian. You are responsible for preparing your own meals.
  • The consumption of alcohol or any drugs that are not prescribed by a licensed physician is not permitted. Smoking is allowed only at the specially designed area behind the kitchen.
  • Please use all resources sparingly and take care not to waste them.
  • Accommodation is in apartments, which you may have to share with a maximum of two fellow retreatants. At the end of your stay, please make sure you clean up your apartment and the common room of the retreat centre.

Please maintain an attitude of love, remembrance and brotherhood at the Ashram and Retreat Centre and preserve the atmosphere that Master has created there.