Kharagpur Retreat Centre - Directions

Kharagpur Retreat Centre - Directions

The retreat centre facility is located about 3 km from the renowned I.I.T. (Indian Institute of Technology) campus, on the I.I.T.- Salua Road. It is about 9 km from the railway station and about 150 km from the Kolkata Airport.


By Road

From Kolkata take the highway from Kolkata to Mumbai.

At about 120 km from Kolkata the highway splits – one branch connects to Chennai and the other one to Mumbai. Take the Mumbai connector. The first exit on your left is for Kharagpur. Follow signs to Kharagpur.

At about 2 km (from the roundabout known as Chowringhee) you will pass through the locality known as INDA, then a rail underpass; proceed towards the Kharagpur Railway Station and then towards I.I.T. After crossing the State General Hospital, take the fly over; proceed further towards Prem Bazar using IIT Boundary road (keeping IIT campus on your left). From Prem Bazar take IIT Salua Road and after going for about 3 kms, you will find Gopali Ashram on your left. About 50 metres beyond is the driveway to RETREAT (immediately by the side a small nursery school). See RETREAT's board on the left of the road. Campus entrance gate is just ahead.

By Rail:

Kharagpur is connected by major trains to Mumbai, Chennai and points in between. All trains from the Chennai side pass via Kharagpur, as do most trains from the Mumbai side. The station code for booking tickets via the internet is KGP.

From the station take a taxi – ask for the retreat centre next to GOPALI Ashram. Normal fare for the full taxi ranges from Rs. 180 to Rs. 200. Retreat is about 9 km from the station – do not take cycle rickshaws. Sometimes, shared auto rickshaws are also available, though these will be rather inconvenient, especially if you have baggage.

Use the Taxi Stand (situated inside the station compound).

By Air and Taxi/Car:

The closest airport is Kolkata. You can get rental cars/taxis to Kharagpur. The distance (one way) is around 150 kms and will take around 3 hours. All taxi/car rental companies charge for the round trip.

By Bus:

Not available on a regular basis.