Satkhol Himalayan Ashram – Batches and Programs

Abhyasi Batches

A batch is a group of abhyasis visiting Satkhol Ashram at a given period of time. This period of time starts form Tuesday of every week and ends on Sunday of that week, thus allowing abhyasis to spend a total of 6 days in the ashram. This tradition of abhyasis from all over the world visiting. Satkhol Ashram in the batches is a prominent feature of Satkhol since year 2000 in which Satkhol ashram was built and inaugurated.

How to Apply

Any abhyasi wanting to visit the ashram in these batches needs to fill up the Online Satkhol application form. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first- serve basis. All the applications will go through a verification process which includes approval by the preceptor mentioned by the abhyasi in the application form. A permission letter is issued to the primary contact after verification, which specifically lists the names of all the abhyasis and their children (if visiting).

Criteria for Applying

  • Abhyasis must have completed a minimum of one year of practice in Sahaj Marg and should have a permanent SRCM ID Card.
  • Abhyasis must be in the age group of 16 to 65 years.
  • The abhyasi should be physically fit and should not be having any serious illness requiring special medical attention.
  • The abhyasi should be in sound mental health and should not be taking medication for depression.
  • Ashram premises are not wheel chair friendly and wheelchair facility is not available in the Ashram.

Guidelines for completing the application form

  • Application form must be complete with all the required information. Incomplete forms will not be processed. A valid email address is necessary for faster and easier communication.
  • All abhyasis who have been permitted to visit Satkhol must send in the confirmation of their visit well in advance. Failure to do this may result in their slot being allotted to another applicant.
  • Mutual exchange is not permitted. All cancellations must be notified immediately to
  • Any change in email address or phone numbers of the primary contact should be notified immediately via email to

Batch Application Form

Abhyasis can see a list of available batches open for applying by clicking the button below
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Please click below for applying in one of the batches.
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Friends and Family

This is a spiritual retreat for abhyasis with their friends and family members at Satkhol. The programs in this retreat are designed to give an exposure and experience of spiritual living to seekers. Any abhyasi can apply for this program and get their friends and their family members along with them to experience a first- hand taste of Sahaj Marg Meditations and life in general at our ashrams.

For the convenience of new seekers, the retreats are planned around major festivals and holidays, such as Holi, Easter, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and New-year. The program includes interesting and introspective workshops on communication, living with nature, meditation sessions, movies, nature walks, bonfire, pinecone painting for kids etc.

How to Apply

The actual dates, duration and registration link for these programs are sent out in Abhyasi Bulletins from time to time. All the applications will go through a selection processand aconfirmation letter is sent to the abhyasi. Abhyasi is requested to acknowledge the confirmation and inform if there are any cancellations.

Criteria for Application

  • The Primary Applicant of every group needs to be an abhyasi who has a Permanent SRCMIDcard.
  • Eachgroupmay include 4 to 6 members.
  • It is mandatory for each group to have at least two to three persons who are willing tostart Heartfulness meditation. Group having more newcomers will be given preference.
  • Applicant groups with only abhyasis in the group may not be approved.

Contact Details for the program

Mobile: +91-5942-286332