Copenhagen Ashram - Visiting the Ashram

Meditation hall

So what is an ashram meant for? It is meant for those, who long for spiritual benefit, who are willing to come, who are willing to sit in peace, calmly with eyes closed, meditate and draw whatever is available from the infinite source….(Principles of Sahaj Marg, Vol 5, p 20)

Satsangh Timings:

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During your visit at the Ashram please comply with the Ashram guidelines below

The Ashram is offered to us as a place for our spiritual growth and we invite all to participate in maintaining the purity of the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the environment.

The Ashram is open to all who are introduced, or want to be introduced, into the Sahaj Marg system of meditation.

Please use all resources sparingly and take care not to waste them. 
Cell phones should not be used, only when necessary, keeping in mind not to disturb others.

Use all the opportunities offered to you by attending satsangh, going deeper into your practice, participating in programmes and committing yourself to service.
 Remember to maintain an attitude of love, remembrance and brotherhood when at the Ashram to preserve the atmosphere that Master has created there.