Identity Card for India

An Abhyasi is issued an introductory card after completion of Introductory sittings. Introducing Prefect provides the abhyasi with an Abhyasi Introduction Form (AIF). The Abhyasi fills in the form and submit it to either to the introducing Prefect or at the ID card counter at the Ashram. The Introductory ID card is issued by the ID card coordinator at the Nodal center and distributed to Abhyasis through the Prefect or at the ID card counter at the large center.

Abhyasis who have been practicing the prescribed method regularly for 6 months may apply for the Abhyasi ID card. Abhyasi should contact the Prefect or the ID Card Coordinator at the center to apply for Abhyasi ID card. To know the Nodal center supporting the center, contact CIC/ZIC.

The average processing time of a new Abhyasi ID card is about 2 months from the date of receipt of the application. In case your application is pending for longer than 3 months, please check with your local centre-in-charge or with the ID card coordinator.