Nomination of the Successor by Chariji

All Abhyasis Worldwide.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In the meeting of the Mission's Working Committee held in the morning of October 3, 2011 at Kolkata, revered Chariji has announced the nomination of Br. Kamlesh D. Patel as his spiritual successor who shall succeed him as the President of the Mission worldwide. The audio and video of the announcement at the Working Committee meeting and a scanned copy of the Nomination can be accessed by clicking on the following links -

SRCM Successor Nomination Dated 26th July 2011 - PDF Document

Video and audio versions of talk given by revered Chariji in the Working Committee meeting held on October 3, 2011 at Kolkata

Video - Announcement at Working Committee Meeting

Audio - Announcement at Working Committee Meeting


As I said, today I wish to appoint my successor – nominate and appoint – because I am now in my eighty-fifth year and it is about time, as you all will appreciate. It has been blessed by Babuji Maharaj and I have been instructed not only to leave the nomination in writing – as a secret document to be kept to be used at the appropriate time – but that it should be announced in public so that people get used to the person being around and they sort of slowly assimilate the fact that he is the successor, and there is no sudden transition when the time comes, which I think is wise. But I already have the written document also and I will eventually request someone to read it out.

The person on whose shoulders the mantle falls heavily with these responsibilities will need a lot of wisdom, a lot of patience, a lot of love and, more than anything else, a great deal of thought before doing anything else. Normally we are told, “Look before you leap,” or “Think twice before you do anything,” but in Sahaj Marg I think we need to think many, many more times than just twice, and to be most cautious, most, shall we say, conscious of the fact that when we spend money, we are spending public money entrusted to us for public welfare. If the person I am going to name has not all these qualities, he will have to develop them. Boldness inside; friendliness, brotherliness outside. And to follow Babuji's precept which he gave me and which I have followed all my life, don't trust anybody; don't mistrust anybody. Judge purely by the actions of the people that are selected for work. Judge only by the results of their work in taking them or relieving them. No prejudices at all: no prejudices of race, caste, religion, sex, community, language – nothing.

So this must be strictly understood by whoever is going to shoulder the burden. May Master give him long life and health and the strength and the courage, all of which will be necessary. Because when I inherited the Mission it was small; the man who is going to inherit it from me when I am gone will have a very big Mission to handle, a worldwide Mission. It is still growing and it will continue to grow, if Babuji's messages are to be taken at face value. This is a growing phase. It will last for I don't know how long. It depends on the divine plan.

So, the person I am naming as my successor is Mr Kamlesh Patel. I would now request someone to… Secretary sahab, who shall read this out? Sreenivasan, Santosh.

[As read out by brother Santosh Sreenivasan]

26th July 2011, Diamond Jubilee Park, Tiruppur

On the 24th July, two days ago, my eighty-fifth birthday was formally celebrated according to the English calendar. Today I enter the eighty-fifth year of my life according to my birth star, Rohini. This comes to me as a reminder that it is time to declare the name of my successor and to formally nominate him. I have received the approval of my divine Master in his message to me, confirming the choice of the person chosen to succeed me. Therefore, on this auspicious day I nominate brother Kamalesh Desaibhai Patel to succeed me as the next representative of my divine Master, Samarth Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj, and to be President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission for life. I shall continue to perform my duties as long as I am alive. May my divine Master shower his blessings on Kamlesh Patel and bestow on him long life and good health to take the Mission on into the future for as long as he is blessed to do so. Signed by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, President, Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Witnessed by Shri Uma Shankar Bajpai, Ajay Kumar Bhatter and Sanjay Bhatia, IAS.

[Master continues]

If you think appropriate, Uma Shankarji, maybe you can get all the working committee members to sign on this, or at least five of them, like the company law requires.


Now I request all our abhyasis worldwide to give the nominated successor their full cooperation, without prejudice. Judge him by his work, not by what he has been or what you expect him to be, but what he is, what he will be, what he will do. It is most essential to the health of the Mission and its future growth, which in turn means the service that he can render to all of you through this Mission, that he receive your fullest, heartful cooperation, and for this I request you.

May all of you be blessed.