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Fulfil His Mission

by Daaji 23rd December 2014, Meditation Hall, BMA, Chennai

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Respected elders, my very dear sisters and brothers,

I know how badly this has affected us, the mahasamadhi of our beloved Master. I don’t think we will ever recover from this. And because of that my heart is not flowing the way it should. Nevertheless, respected brother U.S. Bajpaiji, our secretary of the Mission, has prompted me to share a few words, which I had no idea of sharing.

Our love for Master, and his presence in us as responsible abhyasis of his, as disciples of his, as lovers of his, as bhaktas of his, and so many things – we are so many things to him. Some of us are conduits of his grace and transmission, love and care. We must heighten that responsibility to a greater level, promising him that, “Master, we know during your lifetime we could not come up to your expectations.”

If you have observed his life very closely, he was a complete Karma Yogi. His life was full of pain and miseries. There was never a moment of peace in his life; never a moment. For one reason or the other that peace was destroyed. He shared the main cause with a few of us, pouring his heart out sometimes with agony, sometimes a great man crying – you could see his tears rolling from his eyes, sobbing at times. I don’t know how many of you are aware that Master was sobbing in his bedroom. He told us not to declare it, but I must share this with you, his pain.

Harmony. Harmony is sadly lacking in our Mission. We must promise to him now at least, let’s not have any more differences. Differences are good, they are great, but they should not be escalated to the level of dislikes and hatred towards each other. We are brothers and sisters.

Once he shared with me in Singapore at one brother’s residence. He said, these mafia and black marketeers, to carry out their criminal activities, to hoard grains and chemicals and things like that, remain united. There’s a greater unity among thieves, but it is unfortunate that spiritual beings who are in search of God don’t remain united. It is unfortunate that they still hanker after name and fame; they want to portray every little credit. Every little thing they want to show off to Master; that I did this, I did this, I did this and the other functionary did not do this. We remind him, the all-knower, so many things about others. He sees through us. He listens to us and he doesn’t reprimand us. He really put up with us all throughout his life.

Two weeks back he said how grand it is to interiorise the presence of Divinity in the innermost chambers of our hearts, and that it can become only grander by exteriorising the same presence through our behaviour and actions. We must commit ourselves at this hour, and resolve, promise our beloved Master that we’ll drop all these weaknesses that we carry and become worthy of being called his abhyasis, disciples, whatever sentiments you have in your heart, bhaktas, the great helpers.

Some of us have made so many mistakes, considering, “Oh, we have been volunteering, we are helping Master.” It is an illusion. He has actually given us the opportunity of serving him. We are not helping him. It is an opportunity to serve him so that his work becomes easier. And what is the only thing they expect from us? Babuji Maharaj also keeps reminding us through his messages. He keeps telling, “I need your help.” Can you imagine the Masters speaking like this: “I need your help”? How? Practise! We must practise the way it is prescribed – no shortcuts. Sahaj Marg is already a shortcut, so don’t make it any shorter. No skipping satsangs.

What is so valuable? What is standing between him and us is only ourselves. I’ve often said, what is there in meditation? Just closing your eyes, how difficult can it be? But we make it difficult, unnecessarily. It is the simplest thing to do. Only when we change they become happy, however small a change it could be. Even a strong desire that, “I must change, I will change,” will make them happy. Whether we change or not, that is a different story, but expressing our heartfelt prayer, “Master, please help me. I can’t change, I want to change,” will also make him happy.

He used to say, “I need no money from anyone,” although all his life he was misunderstood that he invited only the rich people. It is a shameful thing to speak about your Master like that. How many rich people were there, or are here today who spent time with Master in his last days, in the last few years? How many of them were rich and wealthy? None. Topmost on the list are sister G, Drs N, R, S and K; endless names. None of them are rich. You’ve often seen our brother who is seated here walking in and out of the cottage. There are many like that, who left their jobs, their businesses, and sacrificed everything to serve him. You sacrifice to that extent and come forward and say, “Master, I am for you.” There are very rare specimens like that, where one person can say, “This I am….”

But Master would not like that either. Master wants us to lead a balanced life, an integrated life, where material life and spiritual life are truly integrated. We don’t need any exaggerations. I gave these examples only to show you that if you at all had these ideas about Master, please remove them. It is a sin even to think like that, but sometimes we think like that because we don’t get to enter the gate. Out of anger we may think like that, and if we as abhyasis continue to have that anger, what sort of abhyasis are we?

We have to re-evaluate our relationship, and even if Master says, “I don’t want to see you,” be happy at least that he talked with you. Many people come … used to come to Master, or they wrote emails to Master, or made phone calls. Ninety-nine percent were, “I have this problem,” “I have that problem.” We were never in a position to accept his spiritual services in the way that we should have taken advantage of them.

How can a vacuum be filled? The giver is ready but the heart is so full of it. Nothing purer can enter. Even the promises by the Hierarchy that every sincere abhyasi of this Sahaj Marg will have three basic things in life – roti, kapda and makaan [food, clothing and shelter] – is guaranteed, is vouched for and promised by Lord Krishna himself. But please remember, there is an adjective – sincere abhyasi. Having taken three sittings doesn’t automatically make us a sincere abhyasi.

Let us promise our beloved Master, let us resolve that we shall make you happy, we’ll continue with all our hearts in fulfilling your Mission. Thank you.