Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre - Participation

Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre - Participation

".... There will be no daily meditation and things like that, since this is essentially for you to retreat into yourself—introspect, brood over your condition, as Babuji Maharaj has advised—do some writing if you wish, and go back into life spiritually fresh, mentally refreshed, and fit in body and mind."
Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, Malampuzha, 3 March 2008

Participation: Open to all abhyasis who have practiced Sahaj Marg for a minimum of one year. The retreat period may extend from three days (minimum stay) to ten days (maximum stay). Sisters and brothers go on retreat in alternating months.

Women: February, April 1 - 25, June, Aug, October, December 1 - 23

Men: January 2 - 31, March, May 6 - 31, July 1- 20, September 1-20, November

If you have any physical health problem please ensure that you carry your Doctor’s certification of fitness, prescription and enough medicine for the period of your stay.

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