CREST Bangalore - Facilities


     CREST Bangalore - Facility 1

CREST Bangalore - Facility 2

Dormitory: Spacious dormitories are available to accommodate participants – separate for women and men. Bedrolls, sheets, and blankets are provided. Each dorm is provided with bathrooms and toilets that can be shared. There is provision for hot water for bathing.

Lecture Hall: All academic sessions take place in a spacious lecture hall, which is set up with comfortable student-chairs, with an arm rest to keep a notebook to take notes. The lecture hall has audio-video facility with good acoustics and provisions for multimedia presentations.

Meditation Hall: The meditation hall, which is open on all sides, blends nicely into the natural surroundings.
Kitchen and Dining: Simple vegetarian food is served. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus coffee and tea, is provided at the prescribed times in the general dining hall. Food should not be brought in from outside. There is a Reverse Osmosis water purification plant that supplies potable drinking water and water to the kitchen.

Library: An airy, well-lit Library, well stocked with books and journals is available to participants. The books cover subjects like Science, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Sociology, Spirituality and more. Click here for more about the library.

Doctor: Please make sure that you are medically fit for the journey and the plain lifestyle at the ashram. Bring all your routine medicines with you. A doctor will be available for general consultation and the treatment of minor ailments, but, only on an on-call basis.

Help Desk: A Help Desk is run by volunteers from local centres. These individuals will make every effort to make your stay comfortable and enable you to participate in the programs meaningfully.

Large open area, with trees and plants, make the campus enchanting and offers an opportunity to go for walks. There are facilities to set up nets to play volleyball.