Richmond Ashram, Virginia, USA

Richmond Ashram

Revered Chariji approved the Richmond, VA Regional Ashram project on 7th Nov 2014 much to the delight of all the abhyasis in North America especially in the North East region (states of Virginia, North and South Carolinas, Washington DC, Maryland). This kick started a soulful ‘Heart’icipation of all the abhyasis in finding and finalizing the property, visiting various centers to discuss the finalities, fundraising and a slew of other activities that culminated in signing the purchase in June of 2014.

This Ashram property sits on a 3.8 acre lot (includes 1 acre wooded lot available for future expansions) has a ~ 7000 square feet built space, two storey concrete and steel structure with 75 parking spots that can accommodate up to 200 abhyasis to serve the needs of the abhyasis in the region.

First Storey comprises of Reception area, Meditation Hall, Book Store, Media Room and the 2nd Storey comprises of Children’s area, Dining area, Master’s office and a kitchenette.

In order to suit our needs and activities, renovation work on the property started in earnest on 3rd Nov 2014 and was completed by March 2015. Majority of the renovation work was done by external contractors and abhyasis in the region worked on some of the key projects like landscaping, outdoor cleanup, security system installation, audio video installation, dais building and other tasks that gave all an opportunity to be part of this divine venture.

As one abhyasi experienced during a Satsangh, the Virginia Ashram truly turned out to be an A.S.H.R.A.M (Atma Shareer Hriday Revolve Around Master) for all the abhyasis benefitting from the Ashram.