Molena Ashram, Georgia, USA

Molena Ashram

Molena Ashram is a meditation and retreat center available to individuals who practice the Sahaj Marg system of meditation (abhyasis). The centre offers opportunities for abhyasis to gather, live, and work together in a spiritually charged atmosphere. It is located about 60 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia, and is situated on a 32-acre woodland property.

The ashram building can accommodate as many as 200 people in dormitory-style rooms. The facility is thus appropriately sized for gatherings that are local or regional in scope.

A quiet and well stocked library of Mission books is available to visitors, which also provides a comfortable place for reading. Books may be removed from the library but should remain within the ashram campus.

Write to with enquiries about any overnight visits. Include full names of anyone traveling with you, and your planned arrival time.