Fremont Ashram, California

Fremont ashram

If there was such a thing as a spiritual yatra for a building, the structure at 585 Mowry Avenue, Fremont, CA commenced it in the middle of September 2009. Following a path much like our own journey in Sahaj Marg, with a lot of ups and downs but undoubtedly progressive, a new center of light materialized on the auspicious day of August 12th,2012 and a beacon shone forth on the western coast of North America to provide a much needed place to call "home" for all the aspirants of Sahaj Marg.

The West Coast Ashram or the Fremont Ashram as it is referred to, is a large 35000 sq.ft. building housing a 8000 sq. ft. meditation hall, a full fledged kitchen and dining area,several large area halls to host mission activities and a self contained living suite reserved for Master. The property also provides up to 200 car parking spaces and is in the heart of the Mission district of the city of Fremont, CA.

The Ashram is easily accessible from both the San Jose and San Francisco International airports and is within a short distance from the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in Fremont. Having such a large facility in the center of an urban area is a blessing in itself and in experiencing the blessed atmosphere in the Ashram one is left wondering as to the wonder that our beloved Master is in himself. Akin to what has been experienced in the neighboring areas of other Ashrams worldwide, the area around the West Coast Ashram also seems to be reenergized. It is hoped that the facility will provide the catalytic elements for further growth of the mission in North America.