Satkhol Himalayan Ashram – Visiting Guidelines

Permission for the Visit

Abhyasis can visit the ashram by making use of the batches or one of the announced programs listed under the ‘Batches and Programs’ Tab. Visiting in any other context needs permission and same can be obtained by writing to

Preparation for the Visit

Carry either a print out of the permission Letter or its screen shot in your smart phone and Mission ID card to be shown at the ashram office during registration.


The weather during the winter months, October to March, is cold to very cold, with temperatures ranging from -2C to 8C. During the months of April to September the weather is unpredictable and can be quite cold, with a minimum temperature as low as 8C (46F), even in mid-April. Days can be warm, with maximum temperatures rising up to 25C (77F). One can expect rains or light showers at any time of the year.


Adequate clothing such asthermals, shawlsand sweatersshould be carried to meet the variable weather conditions.Extra warm woolen clothes including warm hats, mufflers and socks are a must during winter months. Good and supportive shoes are of course necessary. Abhyasis are not permitted to wash clothes. So it is necessary to carry enough clothes with you to last the entire trip. A rain coat or an umbrella will be handy during rainy season.

Medical guidelines

There are no medical facilities available at the ashram.lf you are on medication for diabetes, hypertension or any other health condition; you must have a medical examination and your doctor's approval for your proposed visit to the ashram. Please carry a copy of your doctor's report and approval, prescription information and sufficient medicines for the duration of your stay.


All the meals and tea are served in the Dining Area. A small canteen offers safe varieties of dry snacks,sweets, biscuits and beverages likecoffee, tea, tomato soup etcetera. It also has a limited stock of emergency winter wear such as gloves, winter hats, socks and thermal wear. Also available are some personal care items such as tooth brushes, toothpaste, soap and lotion. The canteen remains open only for short intervals in the forenoon and afternoon.


Brother and Sister Abhyasis are accommodated in separate dormitories with a single bed for each person. Accommodation and Bedding is allotted only after registration at the welcome desk. Fresh bedcovers, quilts and quilt covers, pillows and pillow covers, blankets are provided.Lockers are available on request for keeping the valuables.

Ashram Conduct

Abhyasis must maintain cleanliness and order by cleaning up after themselves in all activities. Ashram resources must be used sparingly. These include water, heat, air conditioning and all other amenities. Food is not to be wasted. Possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, smoking and drugs in any form is not permitted.Abhyasis should dress modestly in clean clothes. Shorts, short skirts, tank tops, low cut tops should not be worn. Men should wear shirts at all times.