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Create Ripples

by Daaji, July 31, 2016, Monroe, NJ, USA

We have learned over so many years of practice how to make our conditions deepen, even during our sleep, with a simple suggestion that, "All throughout the night I will remain connected with the Master, with the Source, with my inner state." The mind may be sleeping, it may have gone to such deep levels – what we call sushupti1 – but the heart is simmering with the memory, with this desire to know what happens in that deep level of ignorance. This simple desire keeps us in touch. This exercise has to be intensified if we want to really enjoy the entire spectrum of our consciousness.

We have been enjoying the spiritual states in our waking hours. Let's explore that area also in a very active fashion. What it really requires is a little bit of interest and a searching mind, a searching heart, with more sensitized inner craving to realize it faster. This has to be applied during sleep. That is number one.

Number two: as such, we all pray. It has been emphasized again and again that prayer is not just about ‘myself'. Otherwise, Babuji Maharaj or the Great Hierarchy when they gave the prayer to Babuji, saying, "Thou art the real goal of human life," would have said, "I am yet but a slave of wishes putting bar to my advancement. Thou art the only God and power to bring me up to that stage." But there is no ‘I, me, and mine', it is all about ‘we'. He said, "We are yet but slaves of wishes putting bar to our advancement… to bring us up to that stage."

Now, when we pray in the morning or in the evening, or when we are in a prayerful state, whom are we including in this ‘we, our, us' of the prayer? Think over it. Is it the family? Is it the community? Is it my country? It is the very existence, the entire universe. Then meditation will change its meaning.

Our ancient rishis and sages have seen one thing. They were not happy with individual peace. That is why we have vishvisanti [world peace], and there is a sloka for vishvisanti, not for individual peace. Of course we strive for individual peace; we meditate on our own and we create a condition. But if it remains, it is like when we drive and we are in a dead end street. How far can we go? We should not become dead end streets. Our hearts must go on infinitely spreading the conditions with which we are being gifted. How to do this? Prayer again. It is all about ‘us', it is never about myself.

Our hearts must go on infinitely spreading the conditions with which we are being gifted. How to do this? Prayer again. It is all about ‘us', it is never about myself. …

Whenever we are praying, we include everyone, not just humanity, but the entire existence.

Religion is often about, "God, give me this, give me that." For many of us that is religion. We become beggars because we are always asking God for something. Spirituality is totally different. It is all about us – that is spirituality. There is a big difference between these two approaches. In spirituality, we become the giver. We need to share. How to share all these things? With prayer. Whenever we are praying, we include everyone, not just humanity, but the entire existence.

And for all of you who are preceptors, not in a very active fashion, but now and then during the sitting, even when you are giving a sitting to one person, let the work overflow to others. I have never seen that there is only one person in front of me, even though physically there is one person. Somehow, through that person, we are able to work on that family, through his association, or her loved ones, and the ripple effect goes on. If we give a sitting just to one person, it is a dead end thing. It must flow, overflow, over and above this single individual heart to multitudes of hearts. And the ripple effect should continue like that.

I may not be working on all of them, but I can at least pray that all those who are associated with this person who is seated in front of me, or all these individuals who are seated in front of me, may benefit with the spiritual condition which is bestowed upon these people, through the whole universe.

If we really want to create this ripple effect in the world, in the universe, this is the only way. We will have to forget the individual benefit, my progress to the Central Region and things like that. As long as we remain in that limited approach, I think we will condemn ourselves to narrowness of the path. Sahaj Marg is not about such things. Sahaj Marg is very simple and easy. You can give just with a wish: "My Lord, please, with whatever I have benefited, let others also benefit."

When you think of someone in a deep state of meditation, automatically that person is affected. He may not start meditation; it is not necessary. But sometimes it is nice to give somebody a ten-dollar bill, quietly, without his knowledge. Spiritual gifts can also be given like that, very quietly, anonymously, without even mentioning that "I prayed for you," or "I did such and such a thing for you." It is unnecessary. The moment you say it, it is destroyed.

So, we will have to reinvent ourselves and make this movement faster.

Thank you all.

1One of the four states of consciousness. It is described as the consciousness of deep sleep in which a man does not dream. When this state of mind is attained, a man is in close communion with God, though he remains in a forgetful state.