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Address to abhyasis in Lucknow (Hindi)

Khudi Ko Khona

by Daaji, April 29th, 2015, Lucknow, India

Namaste Ji,

Sister has just referred about Master , about love and how sacred it is , to show off is also not advised , and it has to kept within as if we have got a treasure .Once Master told me that one who loves is somebody else and to whom we love is again somebody else and love is something different. In this there is Love, Lover and beloved. When we say we have realized Master in our heart, then who says this? When a person who realizes then that person himself is annihilated and he gets merged. Then who says that I have realized Master? It is utter foolishness if somebody says that I love to Master very much – he says just for the sake of saying but till this “ I “ remain that love is not real love that is only show off by them who say that I live Him. Once Master told me in few words that these loving words which we exchange with others that I love you so much, why such marriages fail. In the beginning there is a lot of love , love secretly , and for which we leave our mother , father and even get ready to leave the house and later the same love ditches us , why ? Because love has very special chararacteristics that one who loves has to finish himself. If beloved says I am in love with you but she is not ready to merge then she will not move further. One who has realized and loves, he remains silent. That why our Upanishads, Vedas say – Neti, Neti, Neti i.e. not this, not this, not this. It cannot be described completely that this is this .One who loves will never say that love is like this. In Sahaj Marg also , when we proceed slowly having experiences then our ego goes on decreasing and then our forward journey will go the heights .We carry our own weight though samskars are already there but despite these samskars our ego becomes a very heavy load on the soul. Our abhyasis in beginning just after three sittings have experiences which they never had before. After three it appears as if we have received a spiritual feast. We have never got any such thing before. Even after such experiences we see – after a week, two weeks, three weeks they leave and move away. Why this happens ?You have experienced very good thing and you have shared with your Preceptor that we have not seen any this better than this but even then why it happens ? Once Master referred to me an indication that a fear is developed that if we lose ourselves – ego will go and those sensual pleasures which I am enjoying will go away because of Sahaj Marg – then what will happen to me? Samskars will move out and even sometimes Master used to say jokingly some times our European abhyasis used to say him without any hesitation Master please remove all our remaining samskar but leave at least one. Why to have any condition when we have to move towards God. Only a person can move towards him who has the courage to leave everything not only external but internal dirt as well which we are considering our treasure – has also to be left .Second thing is that which Master told me in Auzara , France during second preceptor seminar , that when our journey starts then there is clockwise motion in First point of Heart Chakra and flow of transmission is from cosmic region to Heart , and its two way flow starts – one goes to heart and other one to soul Chakra and a branch is made . When this flow starts towards soul then there is eternal peace and there is so much peace in the heart of abhyasi that he becomes totally crippled and he become so satisfied and feels that he has to do nothing in life. SO much peace is attained that it appears everything has received, and what happens with this that he loses interest in everything. No interest in business, house. This all is temporary. Everybody at home says since you have started Sahaj Marg - you sit idle and do not do anything and everybody taunts, critises and he moves away after getting fed up. Because of Sahaj Marg we lost interest in business, family – it means there is something fishy. But thing which was very good was temporary and temporary thing has to go. The environment there is different. When we have to change and bring oneness with Master then we cannot become one with Him the we live and move. There should be matching. There should be resonance in His vibratory level and our vibratory level, frequency should be same and till it is not there mergerence can not be there. So to reach that pious condition there is necessity to change again and again. So at every stage we keep on changing and we have to invite change. We are habitual to live in a particular way. Our internal condition is something so how Master can make us experience some other condition and He even tries to take us further but our habit is such that we want to live on lower part of Mans and there is no absorbency, for example Pig, who like to live in dirtiness and if you leave pig in the lawn and it will run away. SO our condition is like pig only. We reach to higher conditions and immediately come down to a level where we are comfortable. The change which Master gives us, we accept only to that extent which is comfortable for us and our heart accepts. It is like as if we ask any child to eat something he will immediately reply No.Out of 10 children there would be 8 whose first answer would be that I will not eat. If we ask our teenagers, young generation, to read the books, they will say Uncle leave it, I am busy and I do not find any interest in it. In one way or the other in different language they have conveyed so that we say no. Very few people say yes to adopt any good thing, good condition. Why because in saying No we feel protected and whatever I am, I am ok. If we say yes then we have to change and we are afraid of changing.But in sahaj Marg we have to invite and time and again pray to Master for change and whatever condition has been given to us by Him we will accept and move forward. But on every turning if some condition comes e.g. restlessness then there is so much pain and we think it is because of sahaj Marg and we leave it.I have seen in our friends community those who are not in sahaj Marg, it seems they are very comfortable and that is a fact as well because they are at one point and they have not changed. They are at one station only, at one point and one destination. By changing every time heart feels uncomfortable. Today here tomorrow Sahaj Marg life and our internal spiritual condition will keep on changing and very few people can tackle this. This is not for ordinary people who accept that Master we accept everything in whatever condition you keep us. After this just see how fast change comes in us. If we pray to Master that whatever be the intensity of Change, we will not leave the mission and we will not complain that in what condition Yu have left us. So we are very fortunate that our condition keeps on changing. Family members should understand that Moods – The change, keep on changing. Our internal keeps on changing very fast and our close family members should remember this. We should remember our husband never behaved like this, wife never behaved like this, it vanishes in a day or two and when we feel that we are not getting absorbed in meditation we should understand that we have reached in other atmosphere. The thing which we liked most i.e. meditation but many time now we are finding that we are not absorbed in it and we should not meditate, second day also is the same feeling that I should not meditate and third day also the same feeling that I should not meditate – In such situation go to preceptor and tell some illness has come in me and please get it removed. It should not happen that some preceptor says that you take sitting every second week, only one week before you have taken sitting – and I will not give you sitting. I request to all preceptors if any such circumstance is there then please realize and sitting to abhyasis whole heartedly and such a condition is developed that abhyasi must pass through that phase quickly and a new condition is developed in him and established. We should give them serenity and pray in such a way that we all should move forward together and all ahhyasis who are our responsibility should progress and if they are not progressing than Master will not give us any chance to move forward. Our progress depends on abhyasis’s progress .We should engrave in our heart that if abhyasi’s of our centre are not progressing they my own progress is under question .So I have talked about two three points particularly about fear , and there is fear of losing self , we should invite Master and say Master whatever is happening let it be and what ever condition will be there we will adopt You and welcome change and move towards oneness together.

Thank you.