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Remain Connected with Him

by Daaji, March 29, 2015, Chennai, India)

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Our beloved Master had approved three celebrations in a year: the birthdays of Pujya Lalaji Maharaj, Babuji Maharaj and our Master. In our hearts we are all ready to celebrate all these occasions, but because of so many other external reasons it may not be possible. One should not feel guilty for not attending satsang at the bhandaras and at such celebrations. Celebrate at home if you can. If you cannot go, do not dishearten yourself, please. Your heart is very much in place. Don't spoil it because your spouse disagrees with your going, or your parents disagree with your going, or your financial situation is such, or your work environment is such. Whatever be the reason, don't force yourself, please. It is not possible for everyone to attend all the bhandaras.

We can invite Master wherever we are, if we pour our hearts out and say, “My beloved Master, please, I will not say how bad my circumstances are, but let's celebrate it here and now.” The Masters will be there in full force when our hearts ask for it, request it. So, we have to prepare our hearts to remain connected with him, whether it is this bhandara or that bhandara, because that is a very small goal to achieve. It is a very small aspiration. Our ideal should be to remain connected with our Masters all throughout. Just as we have meditation in the morning and then we go into a state of meditation – we call it a meditative state – all throughout the day, likewise bhandaras can be three times a year, but the celebration must go on. That means remaining grateful to the Masters for leading our lives the way they want us to. As it unfolds, we remain grateful.

Sahaj Marg has one great speciality – that we need not wait for the Brighter World after our death. It is not a physical world, it is only a dimension, and it can be created within our hearts and it can be felt in our hearts. The condition should be such that there should not be a difference between this world and that world. I do recollect one paragraph in Babuji's autobiography, where Lalaji tells him that, “I have abandoned the Brighter World for you. Your heart has become my abode. Henceforth I will not return back to the Brighter World.” Imagine the quality that Babuji must have created in his heart. And he promises, his assurance is there, that we can all create such a state where this heart can become the Brighter World here and now. Then every day is a celebration.

So I urge you all to prepare in such a fashion. The Masters’ help, as I say again and again, is there. We keep on begging, “Master, Master, bless me. Please bless me with this,” “Please bless me with that.” Stop with such nauseating requests. Ask for something greater, having which we won't need anything else in life.

Talking of bhandaras, this time we will have Babuji Maharaj's birthday celebrations in Lucknow. Over the years we have noticed that people hanker after so many things during bhandaras. So many business deals go on, alliances are fixed, and some of us crowd Master's cottage as if that is the only place where you can receive grace and transmission. And in the process we insult the whole Hierarchy: “I am not able to get in there. I am not able to get transmission. It is only for privileged people.” There are no privileged people in this Mission. They stand in line, and somehow they manage to get into the living room, or to the bedroom. But I say again and again, you can rub shoulders with Master but you will never achieve the real thing unless your heart is ready. And if your heart is ready, you can have it even when you are a million miles away from him.

So please use these bhandaras as an occasion to dive deeper, to remain drowned in Their remembrance with a lot of love and melt away in Their presence. That is all I urge you. Don't spoil these bhandaras by descending on the cottage and trying to fulfil smaller goals of life.

Thank you all.