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Introducing the Successor

by Chariji, November 6, 2011, Chennai, India.

Dear brothers and sisters,
About a month back I was in Kolkata, and we had a meeting of the working committee of the Mission. There I declared the person chosen to succeed me as the President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, who would be your spiritual guide: Brother Kamlesh Patel.

I have been travelling around for the last five weeks to personally introduce Mr Patel to abhyasis, wherever possible – not that he needs any special introduction, because everybody knows him. But he has been living in the US for the last two decades or more and people might have seen him but not come to know him. Now he is living here in Chennai, right in front of us, in the Garden of Hearts – more accessible to all of you. And I hope and pray that, for their own good, all abhyasis will follow him with love, dedication, and what is most important – obedience.

So, because I have been away for five weeks, this comes – this personal declaration by me, face to face with you all, being made today!