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Universal Evolution

by Chariji, November 10, 2009, Kharagpur, India.

You are all familiar with Babuji’s messages, Whispers from the Brighter World. We have had two volumes. It is essential that we understand the seriousness of this spiritual pursuit. It is not just a way of filling up time. It is not just a way of satisfying ourselves that we are doing something, nor is it like saving money for the future to leave for the family, because none of those things affect your life after this.

Babuji Maharaj has been emphasizing in some of the recent messages which have yet to be published, that all abhyasis should be aware that, in one way or the other, they are also conduits for the divine work that is going on for bringing about a new world, to create a new humanity, with what he calls a different vibration, a higher vibration filled with love; no more hatred, no more animosities — all those negative things that are so prevalent today. And prefects especially, should be aware that while they may not be assigned any work in this matter, they are very specifically conduits for the work to happen. And so the prefects must be aware, they must be dedicated, they must be sincere, and they must be conscious that “I have to let the work happen through me, because I am a channel created by Him. And if I block by negating these things in myself, by not being sincere, by being haphazard, by just hanging up a certificate on the wall, I am like a blocked artery in my heart, and one day there will be open heart surgery!”

So you see, Sahaj Marg is a very serious thing of course, but apart from our own individual spiritual evolution, there is this large universal question of a new world order, of a new level of humanity, of higher levels of consciousness and, what Babuji keeps repeating, subtler and subtler vibrational forces. As those of you who have some knowledge of science know, there is only vibration in the universe, nothing else. We are all vibrating without our knowledge. Atoms vibrate, molecules vibrate, matter vibrates. Sunlight is a vibration. Even as I speak, the sound is a vibration.

So our individual evolution is for the purpose of the cosmic evolution, a universal evolution, and if I cannot contribute to my own evolution, I am not going to contribute to anything else. So please bear in mind that this is not just an exercise to make you happier, healthier, more prosperous, trouble-free existence, pain-free existence — not at all. It is to make you worthy, to participate in the higher purpose which the Divine has, and which purpose is being worked out through what Babuji calls the hierarchy of the Masters of the Sahaj Marg system.

So it is a very vital part of the world order that is to come up, and we are not mere abhyasis or prefects or whatever we are. We are vital parts of this, shall we say, divine machinery that is at work, which does not give you any position of respect or honour, but does give you enormous responsibility in seeing that this work goes on.

Thank you.