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Message for North America

by Chariji, October 11, 2009, Chennai, India.

So, Sisters and Brothers,

I hope you can all hear me. Yes, you can? Janmarie, can you see and hear? Okay!

I am a little sad that I can’t be there with you all, but that I have to speak to you across half the globe, you know, and suffer these distortions of space and time because of equipment. I saw you all meditating some time ago, and I thought I would advance this — whatever we are doing now — by half-an-hour to half past six local time here, so that you will be free of me sooner than you expected!

Are there any specific questions? Because as far as I am concerned, I have very little to say except to say, keep on — keep moving. First the horse walks, then it trots, then it canters, and then it gallops. You got it? Walk, trot, canter, gallop. So I am happy to see that all of our abhyasi sisters and brothers are getting a little revitalized, because to me it appears that the Mission in the U.S. had gone into some sort of — I won’t say coma, but a partial sort of sleep mode.

Like, you know, a sick man requires blood transfusion, the Mission requires abhyasi transfusion, more and more, better and better. Not as Babuji said, less and less of more and more, or more and more of less and less, but we do want more and more to come in, more and more to be blessed by him, and more and more to benefit by our spiritual practice, which is so universal and so simple that its simplicity is mistaken for ineffectiveness. People say, “How can this work?” We should prevail on them to try it, without bias of caste, colour, creed, race, religion, all these things. Give it an honest trial and see after three months.

You know, we have abhyasis who have been there for thirty years, and from whom I receive mails saying, “Wow! Only just now I am realizing what there is in Sahaj Marg!” So it shouldn’t take so long. It depends on both: you have to apply yourself; we have to do the work. And that way if you do things, results will be faster, more convincing, so that our future efforts are more and more strengthened from inside, with a will that is no longer blocked by the intellect, but now the will will sort of regulate the intellect, and say, “You obey me. You are a machine, thinking machine. When I want you to think, I will tell you what to think.” Very much like a computer, you know.

The human being has been able to create enormous thinking capacity in computers, and to order them. But as far as our own computer here [the mind] is concerned, we have not been able to regulate this [the mind]. It is going haywire all the time, and this [the mind] is controlling this [the heart], therefore our heart is also going astray. We have all the problems of the heart. So once we regulate this [the heart] and put Him on the horse where He belongs, our life is going to be exceptionally smooth — heart-governed, not brain-governed, and exactly what Babuji Maharaj wants.

Is it okay? Let me see a smile!

Thank you. As I said, you know, I repeat again, I wish I were there with you all. I miss you all very much, and I miss Molena very much. And I wish I was forty years younger so that I could start life all over again, building the ashram there, clearing the weeds, getting sick in the foot, things like that! Those were fun days. We had a great deal of fun, we had a great deal of almost-adventure, and that was how the Mission was built. You know, it is what you Americans call the pioneering spirit. I want you all to work together to bring that back, the pioneering spirit. Let each one become the pioneer of the soul. Okay?

I wish you all happiness, joy and togetherness for the period that you are there; and togetherness and brotherhood to develop more and more until we can’t remain without meeting each other as often as we can.

May Master bless all of you. Thank you.